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Who are we?

We'd like to make clear that we are a network of freelance translators distributed throughout the world who are used to working individually or in translation teams . Our commitment towards our partners and customers well known amongst those who have decided to work with us.

We are not a translation agency , but

We work as a team ( freelancers are spread out in different European, Asian and American countries ) that efficiently distributes translations according to the availability, specialisms, expertise and resources of the translator.
Our geographical distribution allows us to take advantage of time zone differences to meet the tightest deadlines and requirements .
We are very flexible and we pride ourselves on working with partners who value quality , who choose to work in an environment of mutual respect , and who are willing to communicate openly .


Confidentiality of your documents

JWC S.r.l. shall make every effort, compatible with the electronic form of the service, to keep confidential all documents and all personal customer information.

Information relating to the translation, the nature of the translation, and any information the Customer transmits to JWC shall be subject to complete confidentiality.
JWC shall not publicly divulge in any way this information without previous written authorization from the customer, with the exception of collaborators or subcontractors previously authorized by JWC and the Customer, who require this information to perform their jobs.

These guarantees shall not be applicable in the event that JWC is required by law to communicate such information, or in the event that such information becomes public domain, independently of divulgement of such information by JWC.

Privacy Statement

JWC has written this privacy statement to demonstrate its complete respect of your privacy. The text below describes the practices for collecting and distributing information in JWC's possession. This document refers to the following domains:

Automatically collected information

We use your IP address (the one that unequivocally identifies the host at that particular time) and cookies to identify you while you make purchases on our site.
JWC uses a form to acquire information related to an order. In addition to the full name of the person placing the order, information for billing and future contacts is also registered. JWC is not given information related to credit cards - they are instead directly managed on Banca Sella's secure credit card processing server.

Supplier and collaborator privacy

The personal information of our suppliers and freelance collaborators (suppliers, translators, interpreters, graphic designers, affiliates, consultants etc.) are processed with utmost confidentiality. The only information which is provided to third parties is the information published on our site: your username, your native language, experience and educational background.
Other information including full name, date of birth, addresses and telephone numbers are only used by JWC and its authorized suppliers (e.g. accounting firms, banks, etc.) solely for purposes related to current jobs.

Right to change or delete information

Users may change their information or ask for their information to be deleted at any time, as stipulated by Italian law regarding Privacy - no. 675/96 dated 31.12.1996.

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