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Software Localization

Software localization covers a wide range of activities. At its simplest, it involves the extraction of translatable text from source applications, submitting for localization and rebuilding the application in any target language. In reality, localization involves complex and technical tasks performed by a variety of specialists, including translators, engineers, graphic designers, programmers and project managers. Effective integration of these tasks is essential for the success of any given project. Localization enables users to interact with software, Help, and documentation in their own language, in turn enabling vendors to sell more products and reduce the cost of international support.

JWC helps clients localize their software, web applications , and content through solution centers and independent testing labs in Europe, Asia, and the Americas . Our project managers have a proven record in delivering a quality service on time and within budget.

JWC software localization and translation capabilities include:

E  Localization engineering, including build environment replication, source control and files management, pseudoization, dialog resizing, build and test iterations, bug regression, and virus-free golden mastering.

E  Translation of all user interface elements, such as strings, dialogs, menus, and error messages; translation of user assistance components such as Help, online documentation, printed manuals, and packaging. JWC ensures consistent and accurate software translations across all elements.

E  Software testing and quality assurance, including functionality testing, compatibility testing, usability testing, internationalization testing, and localization testing.

JWC's project managers are skilled in:

E  Planning - implementation and risk analysis
E  Scheduling
E  Kick-off meetings - internal and external
E  Team motivation
E  Issues resolution and tracking
E  Budgeting and change order tracking
E  Conference calls
E  Detailed status reporting
E  Post-mortem and improvement recommendations.


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