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Q. Do you provide DTP services, and do you process files in graphical formats? We mostly work on text material and prefer to leave publishing to the customer's care. We do accept assignments to translate uneditable content like PDFs. Text can be extracted from a variety of formats, but this may require additional work and extra fees, which you may wish to avoid by supplying us with data in one of the preferred formats. (.doc, .xls, .txt, etc.)

Q. Do I pay more for urgent projects? Yes, urgent projects require more resources to have the job done. We will provide you with a detailed quote. If we cannot perform the job within the requested timeframe, we will provide you a time of delivery.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept? You can pay directly by bank transfer, PayPal or Moneybookers. We generally prefer not to receive checks, and must request a processing fee. Please ask for details.

Q. Do you provide proofreading services and would it cost as much as a translation? Proofreading is the revision of someone else's translation. If the quality is too low, as it is likely with some automatic translation services or if the text was translated by a non-native speaker, we must return to the original language text. If the correction process is as time-consuming as a translation from scratch, we would need to charge at a commensurate rate. If the correction process requires retranslation, we will have to apply our regular translation rates. If the text needs only minor copy editing, corresponding rates will be one-third of the translation cost.

Q. Which operating systems do you work in? Standard Windows? software on Pentium-based PCs is the norm. We can handle Mac files as well.

Q. Do you translate legal documents like birth certificates, diplomas, wills, marriage certificates? No, this requires sworn translators, which we are not. We can often source a sworn translator for established clients.

Q. I'm not sure my text is in good English. Will the translated text have the same problems? Definitely not, unless that is your wish. The target text will be impeccable even if the source is just pidgin. Please note, however, that if the source text is unclear, the translation process may be slow - we might need to ask you questions before going on.

Q. What languages do you translate? We generally translate from and to English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German and Italian. For regular customers, we also offer additional languages. Request your quote .

Q. I have a text with many repetitions °K can I pay less than the full price? If the text has parts that recur several times without many differences, then processing is actually faster, and we can negotiate a lower price. Please point out this aspect when asking for the quote.

Q. Do you make tape transcripts? No, we do not make transcripts at present.

Q. Do I need to provide a glossary or references? A glossary is the professional way of handling very technical texts. It ensures consistency between different parts of the document that may be assigned to different translators, and between different documents on the same topic. It is also the best way to make the process smooth and fast. So if you have one, do not hesitate do send it to us.

Q. Can I mail my document in paper form or fax it? No, we do no work with paper documents. If you need a translation from a paper document, please scan your text and send is as a picture or a PDF file.

Q. What is the normal payment term? All invoices should be paid no later than 30 days after the invoice date, except if another date is agreed by JWC. Unpaid invoices will be subject to a 15% service charge (with a minimum of 50 Euros) per reminder without any prior notification.

Q. Do you provide Russian translation services? No, but we recommend you check this Russian translation website.


You will find below the names and locations of the JWC Site managers. Contact them for any translation project, large or small, and they will quickly arrange for a freelancer or project team to attend to you. Freelance translators can register here.

If you are located in one of the following countries, you may call the corresponding Site manager. General information requests regarding France , the United Kingdom and other unlisted countries can be sent to °ßinfo at JWC°®. If you are unsure who you should write to, please use our Translation Quote Request Form .

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